Re: [R] libz library missing while installing RMySQL

From: Sebastian Leuzinger <>
Date: Thu 28 Apr 2005 - 23:44:32 EST

Thanks for the advice!
For those interested in what the final solution was to installing RMySQL (R 2.1.0, Linux SuSE 9.3):
The following packages were not installed:


at least one of them was obviously missing....

On Thursday 28 April 2005 10:37, you wrote:
> Sebastian,
> I'm really not an expert with database systems, and I don't have SuSE
> (but Fedora), so I may be unable to help you. However, I just had a look
> at the issue, and I could install RMySQL in R 2.1.0 in Fedora. Here some
> points that I noticed:
> - You need package R package DBI which must be installed first.
> - You also need devel packages of mysql.
> I don't know how SuSE handles packaging libraries, and I don't know what
> you have already. However, I needed these mysql pieces to install
> mysql-devel-3.23.58-16.FC3.1
> mysql-server-3.23.58-16.FC3.1
> mysql-3.23.58-16.FC3.1
> These in turn seem to need perl libraries:
> perl-DBD-MySQL-2.9003-5
> perl-DBI-1.40-5
> It seems that in some systems the piece that is called mysql in FC may
> be called mysql-client.
> I don't know how things are done in SuSE and what you have there, but I
> hope you find some useful information. However, since it installs
> smoothly in my FC, I can't reproduce your problems. Perhaps INSTALL and
> README files in RMySQL/inst directory of the source will tell you
> something more useful.
> best wishes, jari oksanen

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