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> Thanks all for your comments and hints. I will try to keep
> them in mind.
> Since a number of people asked me what I'm trying to do: I
> want to apply
> Bayesian inference to a simple ecological model I wrote, and
> therefore I
> need to fit (uniform, normal or lognormal) distributions to
> sets of observed
> data (to derive mean and sd).

This is false. You do not need to fit anything to "derive mean and sd." Perhaps you have not clearly stated what you mean.

>You probably have noticed that
> I'm quite new
> to statistics, but I'm working on that...
> Pieter
And you want to use Bayesian methods?!

I would strongly recommend that you seek a competent statistician to work with. To paraphrase Frank Harrell (with appropriate apologies for misattribution, if necessary), correspondence courses in brain surgery are not a good idea.

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