Re: [R] Combining numeric vs numeric & numeric vs factor graphs into one ps/pdf file

From: Arenas, David R. CIV NAVAIR DEPT <>
Date: Wed 04 May 2005 - 01:44:07 EST

Dear R community,

My previous email was incomplete because I used html format. Here it is again and sorry for any inconvenience:

xyplot (lattice) has been great in displaying tons of data for my research. I have used the following two xyplot commands (with example dataframe) to create two separate postscript/pdf files with respect to the variable "acft" and subset "status":

test.df <- data.frame(acft=factor(c("A","B","C","D")),


xyplot(H ~ CD | acft,
          layout=c(1,1) )

xyplot(site ~ CD | acft,
          layout=c(1,1) )

 I would like to combine all graphs into one file in alphabetical order of variable "acft". The graphs would be one per page where in fact I use layout=c(1,1) for the nice and easily seen strip labels for "acft". The problem I am having is combining x-y plots that are numeric vs numeric & numeric vs factor. I have search the R-help archives and R-project references for an example to no avail. I am thinking I may have to use something (lattice or not) like ...

if any(test.df$Status=="fail")
plot(H ~ CD)
plot(site ~ CD)

with "for" in the beginning to loop through all data with respect to acft. I need a hint on how to further this along. I am using R.2.1.0 via Windows XP.

Thank you for any help,

D. Arenas

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