Re: [R] Multivariate multiple regression

From: Arne Henningsen <>
Date: Fri 06 May 2005 - 18:00:37 EST

On Wednesday 04 May 2005 20:08, Iain Pardoe wrote:
> I'd like to model the relationship between m responses Y1, ..., Ym and a
> single set of predictor variables X1, ..., Xr. Each response is assumed
> to follow its own regression model, and the error terms in each model
> can be correlated. My understanding is that although lm() handles
> vector Y's on the left-hand side of the model formula, it really just
> fits m separate lm models. What should I use to do a full multivariate
> analysis (as in section 7.7 of Johnson/Wichern)? Thanks.

I don't know Johnson/Wichern. However, it seems to me that you want to do a "seemingly unrelated regression" (SUR). You can do this with the package "systemfit".


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