Re: [R] plotting image/contour on irregular grid

From: Michael Grant <>
Date: Sat 07 May 2005 - 15:27:19 EST

Or perhaps try gridding first using one of the kriging packages.

It is just a little thing, but the method you decide to use is dependent on how you intend to use/represent the result ;O). Then there is the need for judgement, and then judgement, and oh, yes, more judgement. Density of points, clustering, blah, blah,... .

Why do I say this? My experience with data if this nature is that you really do have to be careful or you may have yourself and others interpreting artifacts.

If you are at the beginning of getting involved in some serious application(s) and time investment, you should explore the 'art and craft' of
estimation....curl up with a nice geostatistics book, usw. That is, there is more to it than finding a package in R. If it is a 'once-over' with tame data, who cares? huh?

Good luck and enjoy...

Michael Grant                 

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