Re: [R] Lattice plot within a "for" loop does not happen?

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Sat 14 May 2005 - 00:52:36 EST

Barry Rowlingson wrote:


>> BUT, when I stick this in a loop, I get a bunch of blank graphics  
>> devices. This happens even if the loop only executes once. I could  
>> just go through and do these one by one, but I was curious if I was  
>> overlooking something obvious. Thank you for any advice.


> You're overlooking something like line 800 of the documentation for
> xyplot:
> Value:
> An object of class ``trellis''. The `update' method can be used to
> update components of the object and the `print' method (usually
> called by default) will plot it on an appropriate plotting device.
> xyplot doesn't actually make any marks on the screen. Oh no. It returns
> an object. You have to make that object make the marks on the screen.
> This happens automatically when you run something interactively, but not

Baz, actually, printing happens only under two circumstances, AFAIK: 1. by wrapping in print()
2. automatically by evaluating an expression (which might be the object name only) in the top level (R_GlobalEnv), but only if no assignment takes place.

In particular, automatical (point 2 above) printing happens also in non-interactive sessions like


The idea of returning an object is very nice, I think. You can calculate on the object and print the modified object (well, in fact, I rarely use lattice myself, though).


> inside a function.
> So wrap your xyplot call in a print() function inside your loop:
> for(i in 1:10){
> print(xyplot(....whatever....))
> }
> Its probably in the R-FAQ as well, since my original feeling was that
> this behaviour was chosen in order to confuse people and see how many
> people read the FAQ... :)
> Baz
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