[R] Random/systematic selection of rows in a matrix

From: Ruben Roa <RRoa_at_fisheries.gov.fk>
Date: Fri 20 May 2005 - 00:17:17 EST

Hi R people:
I am new to R. I am writing a function to (1) produce a sparse stochastic Gaussian 2D field and (2) perform a systematic transect sampling on this field, this carried out many times in a simulation framework. My function does a good job at producing the random field (a matrix of zeros and some manifestations of the stochastic process, depending on a parameter of the function determining how probable it is that the stochastic process will manifest itself). But, when i try to collect some of the rows of the process as in sampling with transects, i noticed in the output files that the rows in the sample were not any of the rows in the original matrix representing the random field. I show below the function. I believe i am making a programming error due to my inexperience with R. I hope some fo you can show me where the error is. Thanks

# Lattice definition

#Gaussian process

#Simulations loop - Function GaussRF from package RandomFields
for(i in 1:N.sim){
#Process thininng out with 'pcell': probability that the process will manifest itself
for(j in 1:540){
for(k in 1:180){
if(runif(1)<pcell) mcola[k,j]<-mcola[k,j] else mcola[k,j]<-0 }
file1.out<-paste("mcolasim7",i,"txt",sep=".") write(t(mcola),file1.out,ncol=ncol(t(mcola)))
#Transect sampling on the thinned process - 20 equidistant transects parallel to x axis
#First transect randomly chosen among first 27 rows in process
transis<-c(t,t+27,t+54,t+81,t+108,t+135,t+162,t+189,t+216,t+243,t+270,t+297,t+324,t+351,t+378,t+405,t+432,t+459,t+486,t+513) mcolasamsis<-mat.or.vec(20,180)
for(l in 1:20){
file2.out<-paste("mcolasamsis7",i,"txt",sep=".") write(mcolasamsis,file2.out,ncol=ncol(mcolasamsis)) }

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