Re: [R] Simultaneous estimation of mean and garch eq'n

From: Patrick Burns <>
Date: Fri 20 May 2005 - 19:49:55 EST

It is my experience that location parameters are not very affected by the garch parameters. So doing a naive estimate of location, followed by the garch estimate, followed by an estimate of location accounting for heteroskedasticity is likely to be indistinguishable from the estimates from the full likelihood.

If you compare garch with the naive estimate of location versus the garch estimate with no estimate of location, you are probably not going to see much difference. That difference is likely to be smaller than if you change the time period of estimation slightly.

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Tobias Muhlhofer wrote:

> Is it possible to simultaneously estimate mean and GARCH parameters in R?
> In other words, I would like to estimate the normal regression equation
> Y = b X + u
> and simultaneously do a garch process on the u's to correct the
> standard errors.
> I was thinking maybe something with systemfit(), but I can't quite
> come up with it.
> Thanks,
> Tobias
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