[R] Calling R from R and specifying "wait until script is finished"

From: Lapointe, Pierre <Pierre.Lapointe_at_nbf.ca>
Date: Sun 22 May 2005 - 10:51:05 EST


Let's say I have 50 R scripts to run. What would be the most efficient way to run them?

I thought I could do multiple Rterms in a DOS batch file:

Rterm <1.R> 1.txt
Rterm <2.R> 2.txt
Rterm <50.R> 50.txt

However, I'm afraid they will all open at the same time. I know I could pause the batch file with something like:

PING -n 1 -w 60000 >NUL (to delay 60 seconds)

But that would require that I know how long each of my scripts take.

Is there an easier way? Something like calling R from R and specifying that the script has to be finished before continuing.


Pierre Lapointe

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