Re: [R] R version 1.9.1

From: Rob J Goedman <>
Date: Mon 23 May 2005 - 10:08:24 EST


Try duplicating (select the in Applications and do Command-D).
Double click both versions and you have 2 completely separated versions of R.
You can drag/place the multiple icons in the dock.

Some issues will show up, e.g. it will use the history from the version that was closed
last, both copies will share preferences, etc.

I would be interested why you use this setup (I can think of a few reasons), but
would like to understand yours. If you can send these to me directly or to the R-SIG-Mac,
that would be appreciated.


On May 21, 2005, at 3:39 PM, Christopher Wills wrote:

> Can anybody help? I have been running multiple programs
> simultaneously in Raqua windows, on Mac OS 10.3 on a G5 dual
> processor Mac, using R version 1.9.1. I rebooted my computer
> recently, and thought that I would upgrade to the latest R at the
> same time. Alas, I find that the newest R does not (so far as I can
> tell) allow multiple Raqua windows. I would like to go back to
> 1.9.1, but I have erased the original compressed binary file and it
> has vanished from the official web sites. Does anyone have a binary
> of this version that they can send me? (I have Fetch, if it should
> prove too large.) Alternatively, is there a way to run multiple
> Raqua windows in the newest R?
> Many thanks!
> Chris Wills
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