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Date: Tue 24 May 2005 - 01:56:15 EST

Colors predefined in R follow closely colors predefined in in HTML language. See: 
And probably countless other websites defining them.



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Subject: [R] colors and palettes and things...

After trying to find if there was a color picker in the FAQs and the help, I thought I would send a post here. I was overwhelmed with all the wonderful color choices R has predefined (discovered after typing in colors()) but can't figure out what they all (by name) look like. Is there a color picker or some other method to display all those colors next to the name?

I think I can put together palettes, but another question I have then regards the building of palettes (a list of variable length I can select or create myself other than the ones defined by Palette) so I can pass these colors into functions instead of having to predefine a bunch of colors myself or use the predefined colors like terrain.colors(n)?

Are there groups of colors in the colors() that I can group together to make some nice palettes for drawing barplots, etc?


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