RE: [R] How to break an axis?

From: Mulholland, Tom <>
Date: Tue 24 May 2005 - 12:28:49 EST

I think you may wish to look at the plotrix package, assumming that you have taken care of the issues involved in breaking an axis and that your plots don't result in misleading information.

I think to use the axis break you would have to calculate your own labels and rescale the data, as it looks as if the break is just the cosmetics component.

This is also the topic of many posts on the list so you might want to search the list for "break" and "axis" to see other responses to this issue.


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> Dear list,
> I need to plot four almost horizontal lines with y-values around
> 1,3,4, 400. If I plot them directly, the first three lines will be
> indiscernible so I am thinking of breaking y-axis into two parts, one
> with range (0,5), another (395,400). Is there an easy way to do this?
> I can think of two ways:
> 1. use two plots and draw axes manually. The plot margins, are however
> difficult to adjust.
> 2. use one plot, adjust y-values of the lines and draw y-axis
> manually. But, how would I break y-axis and add separation symbols
> *on* yaxis? (By separation symbol, I mean something like
> ------//------
> Many thanks in davance.
> Bo
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