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Date: Wed 25 May 2005 - 07:18:48 EST

The dashed line can be added to the plot with a call to "lines" after removing the NAs from your x/y vectors (I'm assuming 'missing' means NA).

> plot(x,y,type='l')
> lines(x[!],y[!],lty=2)

Vertical lines can be accomplished with "segments".


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Subject: [R] Missing Data Line Type?

I have a general question. Is there a setting that can be used for a multiple line type? The situation is that I want a solid line between x and y points but if the y point is missing, I want a dashed line type to the next point. In other words, if point 1 to 2 exists, make that line solid, otherwise, make it dashed up to the next existing x/y point.

Additionally, what plot type would you recommend for a plot with two Y points per X? The two points would be joined by a vertical line. The average of the two is the dual type line described above.
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