[R] Plot: Distance between tick and tick label on y-axis

From: Lapointe, Pierre <Pierre.Lapointe_at_nbf.ca>
Date: Thu 26 May 2005 - 05:48:56 EST


I want to reduce the distance between my ticks and their labels. I managed to do it for the x-axis, but the y-axis puzzles me. Here's an example where there is no space between the x-asix ticks and labels.


plot(runif(50), type="l",xaxt="n",yaxt="n",ylab="", bty="l")

axis(2,padj=-1.5) #does not work

I understand from ?axis that padj will take its direction from the par(las). In this case, padj will move labels up and down for both x-axis and y-axis. I want my y-axis labels to be horizontal.

I can I reduce the distance between y-axis ticks and labels?


Pierre Lapointe
Assistant Market Strategist

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