Re: [R] R commandline editor question

From: Robin Hankin <>
Date: Fri 27 May 2005 - 21:36:28 EST

Hi Ajay

well ESS has such a facility.

However, I think Mathematica has a super scheme: unbalanced brackets show up
in red, making them obvious.

This is particularly good for spotting wrongly interleaved brackets, as in

([ blah di blah )]

<note bracket closure is out of order>

in which case both opening braces are highlighted in red: and the system won't
accept a newline until the closures are all correctly matched.

Would anyone else find such a thing useful?

Could the ESS team make something like this happen?

On May 27, 2005, at 12:11 pm, Ajay Narottam Shah wrote:

> I am using R 2.1 on Apple OS X.
> When I get the ">" prompt, I find it works well with emacs commandline
> editing. Keys like M-f C-k etc. work fine.
> The one thing that I really yearn for, which is missing, is bracket
> matching When I am doing something which ends in )))) it is really
> useful to have emacs or vi-style bracket matching, so as to be able
> to visually keep track of whether I have the correct matching
> brackets, whether ( or { or [.
> I'm sure this is possible. I will be most grateful if someone will
> show the way :-) Thanks,
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