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Thank you for your interest. After more investigation I see that my problem is with linking tcltk to R. tcl 8.4.7-2 and tk 8.4.7-2 are tuned to fc3 (Fedora Core 3) and part of the standard installation. However, required file locations are different than what is expected by R. I set the locations for and using ./configure but R tells me something to the effect that Tcl and Tk major or minor versions disagree. Your help or the help of others on the R-List would be appreciated. FYI, I am also including the locations of important files and directories. /usr/lib  /usr/lib
tcl library:  /usr/lib/tcl8.4 (symbolically linked from /usr/share/tcl8.4)
tk library:   /usr/lib/tk8.4 (separate copy in /usr/share/tk8.4)
tcl.h:        I can't find it with full drive search
tk.h:         I can't find it with full drive search

Thanks for your time.

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Dear Charles,

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I haven't tried the Rcmdr package with FC3, but I ran it under an older version of Red Hat Linux some time ago, and the current version (Rcmdr 1.0-2) under Quantian.

Can you be more specific about the problems that you encountered? Are these general to the tcltk package or specific to the Rcmdr?

I'm sorry that you're experiencing problems.

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