Re: [R] How to access to sum of dissimilarities in CLARA

From: TEMPL Matthias <>
Date: Tue 31 May 2005 - 21:47:24 EST

Hello Amir,  

You can use e.g. validity measures from the cluster.stats() function from Christian Hennig. It *depends on your data*, which and if a validity criteria of cluster.stats can be used to give an answer to the question, which number of cluster is the right choice. In case of the xclara data, you can use any of these validity criteria and any validity criteria of cluster.stats give you the right answer to select 3 clusters...  

a3 <- clara(xclara, 3)
a4 <- clara(xclara, 4)
d <- dist(xclara)
val1 <- cluster.stats(d, a3$clust)
val2 <- cluster.stats(d, a4$clust)
barplot(c(val1$avg, val2$avg))  

# --> 3 cluster are better than 4!  

I´m very interested to learn more about evaluation of clusters and I´m courious about opiniuns and results of yours and other people...



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	Dear Matthias,
	So many thanks for your answer. Let me please to say I mean the SUM of dissimilarities. For example I want to compare the result of a clustering with k=4 with another clustering with k=5 . How is it possible to compare these two results ? What give us p$diss? ( a lot of dissimilarities).  We need only a single measure( sum of dissimilarities.apart of silhouette measure).
	Thanks again.

	TEMPL Matthias <> wrote:

		p <- clara(xclara,3)

> Dear All ,
> Since dissimilarity is one of quality measures in clustering
> , I'm trying to access to the sum of dissimilarity as a whole
> measure. But after running my data using CLARA I obtain :
> 1128 dissimilarities, summarized :
> Min. 1st Qu. Median Mean 3rd Qu. Max.
> 0.033155 0.934630 2.257000 2.941600 4.876600 8.943700
> But I can not find the sum of dissimilarity.How can i access to it?
> Thanks a lot
> Safari
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