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From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Wed 01 Jun 2005 - 02:05:49 EST

Jim Milks wrote:
> I am attempting to fit a logistic regression plane to a 3-D scatterplot
> (which was generated using scatterplot3d). I've noticed that the help
> pages of scatterplot3d include a function titled "plane3d." However,
> when I attempt to use the function, I get the following message:
> Error: couldn't find function "plane3d"
> I've searched the archives and found no references to such a function.
> Is (or was) plane3d an actual function or is there just a typo in the
> scatterplot3d help page? If it is a function, how would I tap into it?

Please read ?scatterplot3d carefully and completely. The function is *retunred* in form of a closure from a call to scatterplot3d() and there is an example how to use it in the examples section of the help file:


   ## example 5
   s3d <- scatterplot3d(trees, type="h", highlight.3d=TRUE,

       angle=55, scale.y=0.7, pch=16, main="scatterplot3d - 5")    # Now adding some points to the "scatterplot3d"    s3d$points3d(seq(10,20,2), seq(85,60,-5), seq(60,10,-10),

       col="blue", type="h", pch=16)
   # Now adding a regression plane to the "scatterplot3d"    attach(trees)
   my.lm <- lm(Volume ~ Girth + Height)
   s3d$plane3d(my.lm, = "solid")

Uwe Ligges

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