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From: Mulholland, Tom <>
Date: Wed 01 Jun 2005 - 10:52:44 EST

It would have been helpful if you had written the code that actually showed the issue you have rather than leaving it to us to try and reproduce.

That leaves generic options. If the screen is too small for you then try plotting it to postscript or PDF device and setting the paper size to A3 or whatever size suits you best A4 may be sufficient. You can then use a viewer to scan over the plot or print it out in which case you get the benefit of the higher resolutions available to the printer (typically 300dpi or greater compared to the 96dpi of the screen).

see ?pdf and ?postscript for details on using these devices.


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> Hello,
> I would like to draw a pair plot with a lot of descriptors
> (see the attached file) and due to the number of descriptors
> contained in the file I am not able to view the plot I only
> end up with really small square in the graphic device. In am
> working with the windows version of R.
> Thanks for helping me to get a better view;
> Fred
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