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From: Pikounis, Bill [CNTUS] <BPikouni_at_cntus.jnj.com>
Date: Wed 01 Jun 2005 - 20:43:31 EST

I wish to customize the tick marks and labels of axes in panels produced by high-level lattice functions, namely xyplot. I know I can use the scales argument to specify values for rot, cex, etc. in the top-level call.

However, I am interested in determining values for cex and rot based on the current panel / viewport and device. More specifically, I would like to make adjustments when tick labels overlap on the x-axis, such as labels of a factor. If I use base graphics, par("cin") or par("cxy") or strwidth(), etc. can be used to develop an algorithm to adjust cex or/and rot if needed.

I am trying to determine the parameters/settings in grid analogous to par("cin"), etc. mentioned above, knowing that par() has no effect in lattice / grid. I have dug around the sources for grid and lattice but cannot seem to come up with such parameters -- most notably something like strwidth(). I see that panel.axis() has a check.overlap argument for labels, but I could not trace down the actual code to see how that works. What have I overlooked, or where should I be looking?

Indirectly related, setting outside=TRUE in a panel.axis() call does not produce visible labels, perhaps due to "issues of clipping" as mentioned in its help page. How might one disable clipping for the current panel / viewport?

Thanks in advance for any pointers or advice.

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