Re: [R] histogramm?

From: Rolf Turner <>
Date: Wed 01 Jun 2005 - 21:26:59 EST

Gavin Simpson wrote:


> freq: logical; if 'TRUE', the histogram graphic is a representation
> of frequencies, the 'counts' component of the result; if
> 'FALSE', _relative_ frequencies ("probabilities"), component
> 'density', are plotted. Defaults to 'TRUE' _iff_ 'breaks'

> are equidistant (and 'probability' is not specified).
> So freq = FALSE plots relative frequencies (probabilities).

	Careful! You left out the quote marks on ``probabilities''.
	These are ***CRUCIAL*** inasmuch as the values are NOT
	probabilities, but rather probability ***densities***.
	Which, as I recall Bill Venables once pointed out to me, is
	the only thing that makes sense.  If you are doing a
	histogram, you are looking at a continuous random variable.
	If the variate in question is discrete, so that you
	***really*** want probabilities, you should be doing a


					Rolf Turner

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