[R] How to name variables in a single plot

From: Amir Safari <amsa36060_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu 02 Jun 2005 - 01:53:00 EST


Dear R Friends ,

I want to name my variables( more than 2 variables in a single plot) within a plot to distinct them from each other, but I cann't. How it is possible? I don't mean x and y axis using xlab or ylab. At the below , it follows some lines, only as an example that you could try please, if it is possible. I really thanks for your attention.



y<- c(1:100)

x1<-seq(0.1,10, by=0.1)


mydata<- data.frame( y=y, x1=x1, x2=x2)

matplot(mydata, type = "l" )

matplot(mydata, type = "l" ,xlab="Time")

matplot(mydata, type = "l" ,xlab="Time",ylab="MSE ")

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