[R] Gmulti problem

From: <SuzieBlatt_at_netscape.net>
Date: Thu 02 Jun 2005 - 05:04:34 EST

I'm playing around with Gmulti and have created the appropriate marked point planar pattern (or it tells me that it is anyway), but when I go to use Gmulti, I get a "I and J must be logical vectors" error. Can anyone explain to me why this is?

My code is something like:
test <- getBigPPP(1994, includeG, c("elm.american", "ash.american", "pine.white"), number=TRUE)
# the getBigPPP is a code that creates the planar point pattern and the #polygonal boundary without me going through all the individual steps each #time. It does work and I have used it with Kest, Gest and other things #where a planar point pattern is required. When I type 'test' I get the #following output:
# marked planar point pattern: 197 points
# multitype, with levels = 1,2,3
# window: polygonal boundary
# enclosing rectangle: [ 4953, 5023 ] x [ 4965, 5060]

Gmulti(test, I=1, J=2)

#gives me:

# Error in Gmulti(test, I=1, J=2),
# I and J must be logical vectors


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