Re: [R] Dynamic Dictionary Data Type?

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Fri 03 Jun 2005 - 02:12:24 EST

On Thu, 2 Jun 2005, hadley wickham wrote:

>> An environment is a hash table, and copying occurs only on modification,
>> when any language would have to copy in this context.

Caveat: the default is new.env(hash=FALSE), so an environment is a hash table in one sense but not necessarily so in the strict sense.

> Yes, I'm aware that copying only occurs on modification. However, it
> was my understanding that
> a <- list(a =1)
> a$b <- 4
> would create a new copy of a,

Thomas was talking about environments, not lists (and $ works differently for them).

> whereas in Java say
> HashMap a = new HashMap();
> a.put("a", 1);
> a.put("b", 2);
> wouldn't create a copy of a. (please bear in mind my java syntax is very rusty!)
> Caching data implies updating at each step, thus possibly creating n
> copies of the list. Is that wrong?

It depends what you mean by `copy'. If you expand a hash table you at some point need to re-arrange the hashing of the entries. That's what will happen with an R environment or an R list too. The possible difference is that you might expect the table to have some room for expansion, and in your list example you did not give any.

R's operations on lists make more copies than are strictly necessary, but it is not clear that this is more costly than the housekeeping that would otherwise be necessary. In a$b <- 4, the wrapper VECSXP is recreated and the pointers copied across, but the list elements are not copied. For a$a <- 4 it is probable that no copying is done (although if a2 <- a had been done previously, the pending recursive copy would then be done). (It is also possible that I have overlooked something in the rather complex code used to do these subassignments.)

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