[R] how to rectify t.test( ) error

From: Jagarlamudi, Choudary <choudary.jagar_at_swosu.edu>
Date: Fri 03 Jun 2005 - 06:59:42 EST

Hi All,  

 I get the following error when i perform a t.test.  

studentt<-apply(tlr, 1, function(x) t.test(x[2:6], x[7:11],var.equal=TRUE)$p.value)  

# tlr is a table of 11 columns and 22500 rows. I am not able to post tlr due to its size.

Error in if (stderr < 10 * .Machine$double.eps * max(abs(mx), abs(my))) stop("data are essentially constant") :

        missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed In addition: Warning messages:
1: argument is not numeric or logical: returning NA in: mean.default(x) 2: argument is not numeric or logical: returning NA in: mean.default(y)  

Could someone kindly give me pointers regarding the error. This worked fine with 2 other data sets.

Thank You.  

Choudary Jagarlamudi
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
STF 254
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Weatherford OK 73096
Tel 580-774-7136

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