Re: [R] Creating datasets

From: Duncan Murdoch <>
Date: Fri 03 Jun 2005 - 23:01:27 EST

On 6/3/2005 6:46 PM, Jim Lemon wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Having lost count of the times I have read the relevant section in
> R-exts.html (and by the way, where has that useful file gone? I had to
> look at it on CRAN.),

Should be in R_HOME/doc/manual.

  searched for "creating datasets" (this is the
> first time that Jon Baron's excellent search site has let me down) and
> read the idiot's guide for creating packages, I am willing to admit that
> I have failed the test.
> First:
> Linux (Fedora Core 2)
> R-2.1.0
> I am attempting to integrate three functions that have been kindly
> donated to the plotrix package by Sander Oom dealing with plotting soil
> texture. Everything works okay, but I want to add a dataset to the
> package. R-exts says that three types of data files are okay:
> R code, rectangular tables (e.g. CSV) or files created by save (.rda)
> I note that all the "real" packages (oops, bundles) like MASS have three
> files in their data directory that look like an index of the datasets,
> the datasets themselves and something I haven't worked out yet. I
> haven't found a description of how to do that trick.
> Thus I created the dataset by reading a CSV data file into a data frame
> oksoil<-read.table("oksoil.csv",sep=",")
> That data frame works fine in all the functions. Then I saved it:
> save(oksoil,file="/home/jim/R/plotrix/data/oksoil.rda")
> But when I check the package, the examples don't work:
> R CMD check /home/jim/R/plotrix
> ...
> > data(oksoil)
> Warning in data(oksoil) : data set 'oksoil' not found

This looks like it should have worked. I don't know what went wrong for you. Can you look in plotrix.Rcheck/plotrix/data and confirm that oksoil.rda got installed there?

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