Re: [R] Simplify formula for iterative programming

From: Stefaan Lhermitte <>
Date: Sat 04 Jun 2005 - 00:54:52 EST

Dear Christoph,

Thanks for your help!
I checked it in R and it works if we extend a and b with one element for each run. Unfortunately, I actually want to merge two vectors and then calculate the H for the merge. It is consequently no addition of 1 element but an addition of x elements. I did not mention it in my first post in order not to make it too complicated.

The second problem that still remains is that I have to keep the original values of my original vectors. In the example I gave with sd only a calculated value and the new value are needed. The iterative process does not the need previously processed values of A anymore. I hoped something comaprable was possible for H.

Thanks anyway for your help!

Kind regards,
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