[R] Dirty Rotten Hack. (reversing tickmarks on axes?)

From: Allen S. Rout <asr_at_ufl.edu>
Date: Sat 04 Jun 2005 - 02:51:02 EST

I feel dirty.

I have some graphs I'm building to communicate chargeback rates and service usage for our backup system here at the University of Florida. These come down to daily data points on a graph of number-of-bytes transferred and stored.

Since we chargeback on the same basis (price per MB this, price per KB that) the same chart with a different scale can be used to communicate bytes and dollars. I set about trying to accomplish this like so:


Those axes are a little messy. I tried nudging them around


which is better but not good. What I really want to do is tell my axis() function to reverse the tick direction: put your ticks and labels "inside" the graph. Something like


which I accomplished by telling axis() 'line=-47.7'.


Note that the distance between the left side and the right is different between the right side to the left. :) I don't particularly object to this, when you abuse a tool in this manner you need to expect oddities.

I've wandered through the mailing list logs, and haven't seen reference to this particular desire. Am I alone? :)

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