Re: [R] Storing data frame in a RDBMS

From: Joe Conway <>
Date: Sun 05 Jun 2005 - 06:18:06 EST

Gabor Grothendieck wrote:

> On 6/4/05, Adam Witney <> wrote:

>>I am using PL/R in PostgreSQL amd have written some functions to build my
>>data frame. However this can take some time with some large datasets and I
>>would like to not have to repeat the process and so I would like to save the
>>data frame. Rather than save/load into the file system I would like to be
>>able to save the entire data frame as a single object in the database
>>Is this possible?
> Check out ?serialize

Looks like serialize should work nicely:

create or replace function test_serialize(text)   returns text as '
   mydf <- pg.spi.exec(arg1)
   return (serialize(mydf, NULL, ascii = TRUE)) ' language 'plr';

create table saved_df (id int, df text);

insert into saved_df
  select 1, f from test_serialize('select oid, typname from pg_type

                                   where typname = ''oid''
                                   or typname = ''text''') as t(f);

create or replace function restore_df(text)   returns setof record as '
' language 'plr';

select * from restore_df((select df from saved_df where id =1))   as t(oid oid, typname name);
  oid | typname

   25 | text
   26 | oid
(2 rows)

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