Re: [R] A long digression on packages

From: Gabor Grothendieck <>
Date: Sun 05 Jun 2005 - 23:15:49 EST

On 6/5/05, Jim Lemon <> wrote:
> There are now about 500 packages on CRAN. Some are focused, covering a
> particular area well, easy for the prospective user to discover their
> potential usefulness, while others are less so.

CRAN Task Views

is one way of addressing CRAN organization.

> I consider the plotrix package

With respect to graphics, the R command:


provides a demonstration of what can be done in R (maybe plotrix should have a demo too?) and the site:

provides examples of what can be done in R using various packages and accepts content contributions.

Also the R RSiteSearch function and function are useful for discovery although the latter will only find functions in installed libraries. mailing list PLEASE do read the posting guide! Received on Sun Jun 05 23:23:46 2005

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