Re: [R] multiple comparison test

From: Peter Dalgaard <>
Date: Mon 06 Jun 2005 - 20:16:37 EST

Julie BERTRAND <> writes:

> hello,
> after an anova I use pairwise.t.test(), it gives only
> p.value and I want the t.stat.
> I try to get these by computing the Welch
> approximation of the degree of freedom and using the
> qt(p.value,df) function but when I test this method
> with t.test results (the function gives p.value and
> t.test), I doesn't find the same t.stat.
> I also use the simtest(x~y,type="Tukey") function and
> it gives me only negative t.stat, resulting in a weard
> distribution...
> thank you in advance for all the attention you 'll
> give to my problems.

Notice that the p-values in pairwise.t.test() are adjusted for multiple comparisons and use a pooled SD. You're not going to get anything similar to the t.test output unless you set and p.adjust.method="none". You probably also want to make the tests one-sided, or halve the p-value.

It could well be easier just to modify the function to give you the result that you desire...

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