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Date: Tue 07 Jun 2005 - 02:59:59 EST

What do you intend r1 to contain? TRUE and FALSE (an indicator vector?) or say integers 1,2,3 designating your intervals around your 3 sample points? So you would e.g. set r1[k,1] to 3 if the kth grid point in [-1,1] lies in interval 3? Etc? Some more detail would help narrow down the possibilities.

Reid Huntsinger

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Subject: [R] intervals and data frames

Dear R people:

I have a vector which runs from -1 to 1, by .1, inclusively.

Easy to set up. x <- seq(-1,1,.1)

I then sample 3 numbers from x.
y <- sample(x, 3)

Suppose one of my values is -0.7. I want to set up an interval around that
y1 <- pmax(y-0.1,-1)
y2 <- pmin(y+0.1,1)
For the value -.7, the interval will run from -.8 to -.6. There will be several intervals.

Again, nothing interesting so far.

However, now I want to set up something that I will call r1. Essentially, r1 "runs" between -1 and 1 as well. I want to place a value in r1 between -.8 and -.6 for my interval, and zeros elsewhere.

I'm trying to use a data frame in which the first column represents the values from -1 to 1. The remaining columns are initially set to zero. Also, I'm trying to avoid loops.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Erin Hodgess
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Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences University of Houston - Downtown
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