Re: [R] R Graph Gallery : categorization of the graphs

From: Sander Oom <>
Date: Tue 07 Jun 2005 - 20:36:50 EST

I agree that a wiki to facilitate submission of graph code could be very effective! Still needs to be well protected against vandalism. Seems a regular backup, to facilitate a clean restore, is the best approach.

Romain, would you be willing to set up a wiki within the gallery. Think the wiki and gallery should be close to each other in cyber space!

I use DokuWiki privately and it works wonders.

Guess the database design will require a bit of thought. For each graph it should be possible to enter multiple categories and sub-categories. then the gallery interface should dynamically build galleries using these categories. Not sure if you would want to create 'meta' categories to facilitate multiple categorization approaches!?

We could start with a limited list such as suggested by Chris to populate the gallery in the first instance.

Pleased to see this progress!!


Chris Evans wrote:
> On 6 Jun 2005 at 17:48, Sander Oom wrote:
> ... much snipped ...

>>The whole point of a gallery is to show something to the user before
>>the user knows what he is looking for. The R help functions currently
>>available are hopeless when you have a picture of a graph in your head
>>without knowing the required commands.

> ... much snipped ...
> Belief that good graphics are often as important or more important
> than inferential tests or even CIs was one of the reasons I've moved
> over the last 15 years from SPSS (still use it a bit 'cos most
> colleagues do) through SAS (much better, much better graphics) to S+
> (same but more so) to R (same and FLOSS!)
> The demo graphics and the gallery are wonderful visual arguments for
> R and also great resources to help us learn. Categories that I think
> might be useful sometimes might be:
> describes one variable where that is:
> dichotomous, categorical (n(categories) > 2), polytomous (short),
> polytomous (many levels), or continuous (might allow something on
> superimposing different referential distributions
> describes relationship between two variables where:
> both are dichotomous or polytomous
> one is ditto, other is continuous (box & violin etc: very useful to
> see good e.g.s of how to get most appropriate boxplots as it's
> always possible to get good ones but not always obvious)
> (pointer to back-to-back histogram in Hmisc here)
> both are continuous (with and without jitter and weighting blobs)
> describe relationships between more than two variables...
> However, the gallery idea is a very powerful one and being able to
> scroll through and drill down is a useful trick that M$ have, I
> grudgingly admit, used well so could we mimic their galleries from
> Excel as someone has suggested and perhaps mimic the drop down
> graphics picker in S+ (I no longer have access).
> It's not much help but someone could put up the drop down list for
> newbies coming from SPSS ... ooh, just opened up my copy (11.0.1) and
> realised there's a gallery there with the following:
> bar, line, area, pie, high-low, pareto, control, boxplots, error bar,
> scatter, histogram, normal P-P, normal Q-Q, sequence,
> autocorrelations, cross-correlations & spectral. Never knew that the
> was there! The drop down list below that has essentially the same
> list but with the last three under a sub-heading of "time series" and
> ROC curves added.
> I wonder if someone hosted a wiki for a while at least it would get
> people contributing code for examples for some of these? The results
> could transfer to the wonderful graphics gallery as they accumulated.
> My skills aren't that hot but I'd throw in a few things happily and
> I'm sure a reward would be hearing of better ways to do things both
> in terms of coding and in terms of better displays/graphics to use.
> Cheers all,
> C
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