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From: christian schulz <>
Date: Tue 07 Jun 2005 - 21:17:30 EST


try package "MNP" for a starting point - which could be used for choice-based-conjoint!
And here a paper which show you that a normal Conjoint design is nothing others than a regression analysis, which could ready easy used with little bit programming in R.*excel*.pdf


>Hello all,
>I am trying to apply a conjoint analysis in order to determine the best
>profile that captures the most preferred combination of levels of given
>categorical factors.
>For this a set of factors is given and initially a fractional factorial
>design has to be produced as a subset of all possible factor levels
>combinations, sufficient to estimate the main effects utilities.
>Then the preference for each chosen combination is assessed via surveys on
>subjects (clients). Preferences are given by ranking profiles ordinally.
>Conjoint analysis then is applied on the preference data to estimate the
>utility values - or the "part worth" for each factor level.
>SPSS 13.0 has a module called CONJOINT that handles such problem from
>designing the fractional factorial design to the conjoint analysis.
>What would be the best way to implement such analysis in R?
>Thank you.
>Jimmy Cela
>Decision Sciences
>InterContinental Hotels Group Inc
>Atlanta, GA
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