Re: [R] R Graph Gallery : categorization of the graphs

From: Nick Drew <>
Date: Tue 07 Jun 2005 - 21:44:27 EST

I like the wiki idea!

Does it make sense to connect the graph wiki to the existing R wiki?
( This might give the existing wiki a kickstart with some very valuable content. I realize they are maintained by different people but the whole point of a wiki is to foster collaboration.

Just 2 cents . . .

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I agree that a wiki to facilitate submission of graph code could be very
effective! Still needs to be well protected against vandalism. Seems a
regular backup, to facilitate a clean restore, is the best approach.

Romain, would you be willing to set up a wiki within the gallery. Think
the wiki and gallery should be close to each other in cyber space!

I use DokuWiki privately and it works wonders.

Guess the database design will require a bit of thought. For each graph
it should be possible to enter multiple categories and sub-categories.
then the gallery interface should dynamically build galleries using
these categories. Not sure if you would want to create 'meta' categories
to facilitate multiple categorization approaches!?

We could start with a limited list such as suggested by Chris to
populate the gallery in the first instance.

Pleased to see this progress!!


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