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From: Jim Brennan <>
Date: Wed 08 Jun 2005 - 00:00:38 EST

First it looks like in L you need a 3 in row 3 col 2. Anyway I think this is a non elegant way to do it without a loop that you can easily improve I imagine and should be faster than the loop. You will have to adjust the numbers to fit you matrix size etc.

R>mat<-matrix(sample(0:9,100,replace=T),50,2)#your M
R>result<-cbind(new,new2,new3)# your L


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Subject: [R] transform large matrix into list

Dear List

I need to transform a large matrix M with many NAs into a list L with one row for each non missing cell. Every row should contain the cell value in the first column, and its coordinates of the matrix in column 2 and 3.


	x1	x2
y1	1	2
y2	4	5
y3	7	8

v	x	y
1	1	1
4	1	2
7	1	2
2	2	1
5	2	2
8	2	3

I'm trying to do this with a loop, but since my matrix is quite large (around 10k^2) this just takes a very long time. There must be a more efficient and elegant way to do this. Any hints?

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