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From: Jonathan Baron <>
Date: Wed 08 Jun 2005 - 00:14:01 EST

Another approach, not mentioned yet, is to use ace, in the acepack package. I have used this in an article (with Andy Gurmankin) coming out soon in Memory and Cognition, which I could send by email. It isn't obvious to me that this will (or that it won't) work with a fractional factorial design; my hunch is that it will work.


On 06/07/05 06:18, Cela, Jimmy (IHG) wrote:  

 I am trying to apply a conjoint analysis in order to determine the best  profile that captures the most preferred combination of levels of given  categorical factors.  

 For this a set of factors is given and initially a fractional factorial  design has to be produced as a subset of all possible factor levels  combinations, sufficient to estimate the main effects utilities.  

 Then the preference for each chosen combination is assessed via surveys on  subjects (clients). Preferences are given by ranking profiles ordinally.  

 Conjoint analysis then is applied on the preference data to estimate the  utility values - or the "part worth" for each factor level.

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