RE: [R] reading non-existing files

From: bogdan romocea <>
Date: Wed 08 Jun 2005 - 03:05:24 EST

if(!file.exists(your.file)) next

Or, try(): <- try(as.matrix(whatever))
if (class( == "try-error") {something went wrong / the file doesn't exist - just for logging, the code will not fail}

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From: Dave Evens [] Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 12:48 PM
Subject: [R] reading non-existing files

Dear all,

I'm trying to read to a collection of files in a loop using odbcConnectExcel - but not all of the files exist. This is the code I have

for(i in 1:no.of.subs){

   channel <- odbcConnectExcel(paste(working.dir, subs[i], ".xls", sep=""))

   datafiles[[i]] <- as.matrix(sqlFetch(channel, "Data"))


I'm not sure how to alter the code to allow for the fact that some files may not exist - these files should be ignored.

Currently, I get the following error

Error in odbcTableExists(channel, sqtable) :

        'Data': table not found on channel

I would very much apprepriate any help.

Thanks in advance.


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