[R] Bounding or constraining parameters in non-linear regressions

From: <mwdavis_at_nist.gov>
Date: Wed 08 Jun 2005 - 10:52:05 EST

Dear R-Users,

Being an engineer and not a statistician, my desired course of action may either be impossible or very simple.

I am attempting to fit a non-linear model to some measured data. One term in the model contains a square-root, but in the course of regression, this term turns negative and an error occurs. I started using Micrsoft's Excel Solver, and then I turned to NIST's Datplot statistical package. I can constrain in Solver, but it violates those constraints. :) Dataplot does not have the capability to constrain parameters.

Does R have the capability to constrain or bound parameters in non-linear regressions?

Mark Davis

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