[R] Fitting Theoretical Distributions to Daily Rainfall Data

From: Ken Knoblauch <knoblauch_at_lyon.inserm.fr>
Date: Wed 08 Jun 2005 - 20:59:32 EST

Have a look at the fit.dist function in Jim Lindsey's gnlm package at http://popgen0146uns50.unimaas.nl/~jlindsey/rcode.html

fit.dist {gnlm} R Documentation
Fit Probability Distributions to Frequency Data


fit.dist fits the distributions in Chapter 4 of Lindsey (1995, 2003 2nd edn): binomial, beta-binomial, Poisson, negative binomial, geometric, zeta, normal, log normal, inverse Gauss, logistic, Laplace, Cauchy, Student t, exponential, Pareto, gamma, and Weibull to frequency (histogram) data, possibly plotting the frequency polygon of fitted values with the histogram.

fitdistr from the MASS package works quite well, too.

>Dear List Members,
>I need a bit help about fitting some theoretical
>distributions (such as geometric, exponential,
>lognormal or weibull distribution)

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