Re: [R] How to change the value of a class slot

From: Thomas Petzoldt <>
Date: Wed 08 Jun 2005 - 22:15:56 EST

Ross Boylan wrote:
> I defined an S4 class with a slot i. Then I wrote a regular function
> that attempted to increment i.

[... details deleted ...]

> What do I need to do to update slot values?
> Here are some possibly relevant code fragments
> setClass("CompletePathMaker",
> representation(i="integer",
> timeOffset="numeric", # to avoid 0's
> truePaths="TruePaths")
> )
> nextPath <- function(pm){ #pm is a CompletePathMaker
> pm@i <- pm@i+as.integer(1)
> [etc]
> I'm trying to make the class behave like an iterator, with i keeping
> track of its location. I'm sure there are more R'ish ways to go, but
> I'm also pretty sure I'm going to want to be able to update slots.

Hello Ross,

I see that your question was related to S4, but I just noticed a solution based on the R.oo package so I thought I would add a solution based on the proto package too. We had similar problems several times ago and (to my surprise) found R to be an extremely flexible language even for these things. Our favorite solution is available as package(proto). It requires R 2.1, because of several subtle improvements regarding environments, which made our implementation more streamlined.

Does the following example do what you intended?


## 1) define an object
CompletePathMaker <- proto(

      index = 0,
      bumpIndex = function(., dindex = 1)
        .$index <- .$index + as.integer(dindex)

## 2) create a child object of CompletePathMaker cpm <- CompletePathMaker$proto()

## 3) set the index component to 3
cpm$index <- 3

## 4) iterate the index

## print the result


This approach is very compact and needs only one new function: proto. Also note how simple it is conceptually. We did not even create any classes. We just created a parent object CompletePathMaker and a child to it, cpm, and got everything else via delegation (i.e. inheritance).

Hope it helps

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