Re: [R] plot(corresp(data)...)

From: Jari Oksanen <>
Date: Thu 09 Jun 2005 - 23:39:04 EST

On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 14:40 +0200, Navarre Sabine wrote:

> My code:
> data<-matrix(data=c(0.425,0.5,0.75,0.125,0.25,0.475,0.375,0.25,0.625,0.5,0.1,0.125,0,0.25,0.25),nrow=3,ncol=5,byrow=TRUE, dimnames=list(c("Good","Medium","Bad"),c("Content","Logistic","Trainer","Supply","User contribution")))
> plot(corresp(data,nf=2),xlim=c(-1,1),ylim=c(-1,1));
> The plot is illegible, I want to do this in 3d, but I don't know how!

You need more data to do that in 3d. You have three rows, and you can get only 2d with corresp.

You can use scatterplot3d or rgl functions for 3d plotting (both in packages with the same name) after you get data where you have more than two axes. These figures easily get illegible, though.

cheers (again), jari oksanen

Jari Oksanen <>

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