Re: Re: [R] can nlme do the complex multilevel model?

From: ronggui <>
Date: Fri 10 Jun 2005 - 03:40:19 EST

> (2) Have you seen Pinheiro and Bates (2000) Mixed-Effects Models in S
>and S-PLUS (Springer)? This is the definitive documentation on
>library(nlme). I've learned a lot from this book, and it might help you
>even if you use "lme4".

i know this book and also want to read it,but the problem is i have no access to it.

> (3) If you still can't figure it out, PLEASE do read the posting
>guide! "". Many people are
>able to answer their own questions in the course of preparing a question
>following this guide. If they still submit a question, I believe they
>are more likely to get a useful reply. In particular, if you submit
>another question on this, please try to include a self-contained toy
>example illustrating something you've tried that someone can copy from
>your email, paste it into R, and test a few minor changes in a matter of

i know this guide and also want to give a reproducale example.but i do not know how example is from a text book names applied multilevel data analysis.the notation is mainly from Raudenbush's Hierarchical linear model.and the book use the HLM software to fit the model(my mexample is from the book). i know how to fit the model using HLM,but i would like to fit it with R if possible as i have no HLM software(i have student version,but it has limitation).

many times,i suffer from the differences in the notation,the terminology ....and this time,face the same problem.


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