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From: Frank E Harrell Jr <>
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Ravi Varadhan wrote:
> You can use locator(1) as an argument in the "legend" function to manually
> position the legend, i.e. after your plot is plotted, the system will wait
> for you to indicate (by clicking the mouse) where the legend should be
> placed.
> legend(locator(1), ...)
> Hope this helps,
> Ravi.
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>>I've written a function that plots a few functions in a diagram.
>>The xlim and or ylim is not always the same, and set automatically by R.
>>A legend is part of this object.
>>Now the problem is: where to put the legend? Me would help a function that
>>returns the limits and scaling of the axis.
>>Thanks for your help.

There are functions in the Hmisc package to help too (especially labcurve and xYplot). You can have a function put a legend in the most empty portion of a graph automatically with these functions.

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