Re: [R] lme model specification

From: Douglas Bates <>
Date: Fri 10 Jun 2005 - 04:06:07 EST

On 6/9/05, Eric Hack <> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am trying to specify the following fixed effects model for lme:

If you have a linear fixed-effects model you should use lm, not lme.

> y ~ constant1 - beta1*(x - beta2)
> where y is the response, x is the independent variable, and the
> operators above are real arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction,
> and multiplication. I realize that this model is just a
> reparameterization of y=beta0+beta1*x, but I am using this
> parameterization because I am specifically interested in confidence
> bounds for beta2.

You would need to fit that as a nonlinear model. In reference to such models "linear" means "linear in the parameters" and that model isn't.  

> I have looked at the help, but the closest hint I find is the I()
> function, and that does not seem to work this way.
> I confess that I am actually using S-plus, but there does not seem to be
> a resource like this list for S-plus.

Look for the S-news email list ( mailing list PLEASE do read the posting guide! Received on Fri Jun 10 04:15:09 2005

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