Re: [R] Rpy and RSPython

From: Seth Falcon <>
Date: Sat 11 Jun 2005 - 04:34:54 EST

On 10 Jun 2005, wrote:

> Hi,
> I tried to install RSPython, here is my problem:
> I load the env variables correctly as below:
> #------------------------------
> # R section
> #------------------------------
> R_HOME=/usr/lib/R
> PYTHONPATH=${R_HOME}/library/RSPython/Python:${R_HOME}/library/RSPython/libs
> When I run python and do:
> import RS
> here is the error: ImportError:
> /usr/lib/R/library/RSPython/libs/ undefined symbol:
> R_GlobalEnv
> I googled and found I did not have $R_HOME/bin/ since I
> installed R from binary package.
> My question is, should I have to re-install R from source? ( I think
> I have to, but want to make sure here :)
> When I tried to re-install R by following R installation and Admin
> intro, and I run ./configure --enable-R-shlib I got the following
> error: configure: error: --with-x=yes (default) and X11 headers/libs
> are not available I don't know why.

Presumably because you don't have the X11 devel headers available. For an rpm system, look for packages like x11-devel or some such.

> My third question: can Rpy save this trouble? In my understanding,
> Rpy needs that too. Am I right?

Rpy also needs So regardless, your first task is to setup up your system for compiling R from sources so you can get the .so. It shouldn't be too bad. Pay attention to the output of configure. When it complains about things, try to find a PKGNAME-devel.rpm package to install and try again.


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