Re: [R] mask a matrix

From: Mwalili, S. M. <>
Date: Sat 11 Jun 2005 - 06:26:57 EST

This example could help:  

A <- matrix(rbinom(20,1,.8),ncol=2)
B <- cbind(rnorm(20,-1,0),rnorm(20,1,0))
B <- ifelse(A==0,NA,B)


S M Mwalili.

Lei Jiang <> wrote: Hi, there.

I have two matrix with identical dimentions. matrix A contains information of 0 and 1, and matrix B contains data. I only want the data in matrix B where matrix A has 1's. the places where matrix A has 0's, I want NA's in matrix B.

How do I do that??

Thank you very much.

Lei Jiang

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