Re: [R] RCMD Warnings on src directory.

From: Thomas Lumley <>
Date: Sat 11 Jun 2005 - 08:03:45 EST

On Fri, 10 Jun 2005, Jagarlamudi, Choudary wrote:

> Hi Group,
> I performed the following commands to build my package in R 2.0 under Windows XP
> I got all my tools from Dr. Duncan Mudroch's website.
> I did a RCMD build dnal and it built a tar file for me.
> I did a RCMD INSTALL dnal and it installed well.
> When i do RCMD check dnal i get the following 2 WARNINGS with no Errors.
> checking package directories..WARNING
> Subdirectory 'src' contains no source files.
> checking for missing documentation entries...WARNING
> Undocumented code object:
> linReg refGroup
> Regarding my first Warning ..I have no C/Fortran files so what should i
> put in 'src' directory.

Nothing. You shouldn't have a src directory.

> Regarding my second Warning ..I stripped the .Rd files of the listed
> objects line by line and checked and i could not figure it out. Rout
> file offers no help on Warnings. Any suggestions to clear the 2 warnings
> will be greatly appreciated.

It is saying that linReg and refGroup aren't documented (don't have an \alias line in any .Rd file). If they really are documented then something more complicated must be wrong.

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