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From: Roger Bivand <>
Date: Sat 11 Jun 2005 - 18:58:59 EST

On Fri, 10 Jun 2005, Mike R wrote:

> i've search the email archives, searched the documention
> of various map packages and done an R-site search, but
> have been unable to find direct resources for creating maps
> of the US that are colored or annotated or ... by zipcode
> data.
> For example, create a map of the US and color each zipcode
> region by its population using two vectors z,p containing the
> zipcode and population, respectively. I'm not looking for data
> to fill z, and p. I'm looking for some highend functions to
> display on a map the data that I already have.

I'm replying to this original message, because your followups have been dropping the original query (please don't assume that everybody uses the e-mail system you have chosen yourself).

With the points you have found, you can delineate surrounding polygons and clip to the coastline using functions in the tripack, gpclib, and maps packages (being very careful to find out how to match the output polygon IDs to your data).

But unless you are aiming for A0 postscript output, for the continental US viewed as a whole, almost all raster image processors will merge the interesting metropolitan zip polygons, leaving the viewer looking at a mess with only the areas with lowest population density legible. Even zip code "maps" of small states are very difficult to use for look-up (reading values from the polygon fill), one of the main functions of thematic cartography.

So like most tasks, it can be done (this _is_ R, after all), but do you really need to do it?


> Cheers,
> Mike
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