Re: [R] y-axis and resizing window

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Sun 12 Jun 2005 - 20:39:25 EST

On Sun, 12 Jun 2005, Søren Merser wrote:

> using plot(..., las=1), i.e. horizontal axis labels, the labels on the
> y-axis jams if the heigth of the graphics windov becomes too low
> while both x-axis and y-axis kind of removes superflus lables with las=0
> (default)
> is there a way to make plot behave alike with horizontal lables?

It I understand you correctly (what does `jams' mean?), this is nothing to do with resizing. The axis labelling code checks for enough width-wise space for labels, but not for enough height-wise space. Specifically, do_axis for the y axis contains

 			    /* Check room for perpendicular labels. */
 			    if (Rf_gpptr(dd)->las == 1 ||
 				Rf_gpptr(dd)->las == 2 ||
 				tnew - tlast >= gap) {

so y-axis labels are always plotted for las %in% c(1,2) and hence may overlap. (Similar code exists for an x-axis.)

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